The Lyka's Adventure Maker Starter Kit can be wrapped around any type of curriculum and creates a learning environment where engagement thrives for early learners.

Maker Starter Kit: “Lyka Explores North America”

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A huggable Lyka plush doll that can be used with or without a mobile device.

Mission Control Manual

A 50 page manual which guides the classroom experience. Structured around mission-based activities that the classroom will complete, supported by short stories. Activities focus on 21st century skill-building including empathy, problem solving and critical thinking.

3 Mystery Mail Packages

“Discovery learning” packages containing mail from Lyka plus objects she has found during her North American adventure.  These packages integrate directly into the mission-based learning activities.

Storybook and Audiobook

digital version of Lyka and the Secret Forest book, plus the audiobook.

Story App

Brings your Lyka plush to life.

Storytelling prompts

Photos and video that introduces your students to Lyka’s Adventure characters, story elements, and music.

Online Lyka’s Adventure Media Hub

Includes additional missions and activities by subject, get-to-know-you videos of Lyka, photos from her adventure, educational songs, and a PDF version of classroom activities along with take home assignments.

Classroom Community Hub

Connects you with a community of other classrooms and teachers using the Kit, letting you share ideas.

Story-Driven Learning Resources

Access to “story-driven learning” methodology talks and audio podcast.

Dedicated Support

From our team as you get started using the Lyka’s Adventure Teacher Kit.


If you want to bring Lyka into your classroom for a greet-and-meet with your students, we’d love to connect with your classroom via Skype, email, or twitter. Please email us, and we’ll happily schedule a Lyka surprise with your students!

email for more information

The sample includes a Skype session where we introduce Lyka, her mission and story, ask students to help her understand something on Earth and if there’s time, read a quick blurb from her story.

We’ll follow up with a few simple (PDF downloadable) handouts students can complete for Lyka, and a special follow up thank you note, from Lyka to the students, via email.

The Lyka’s Adventure Teacher Kit can be used with K-2nd students. Any educator can use it! Classroom teachers, homeschooling parents and groups, and librarians.

What’s great about the Kit and the Classroom Community Hub is you’ll be connecting with other teachers who are also interested in this type of learning experience which brings 21st century skill-building, maker culture, and STEAM into the classroom. The Classroom Community Hub let’s teachers connect with each-other, and also makes a place for teachers to share the things they are doing with Lyka in the classroom. It can be used as a digital literacy resource and inspire your students. One thing we know for 4 years of work-shopping is kids LOVE seeing what other kids are doing. Maybe you want to connect with another classroom via Skype? Or you want to show your students what a classroom in Australia did with Lyka. The community space makes for endless possibilities. Our team will help moderate and facilitate the community conversation and activities, with the purpose of inspiring and learning from each-other.

Yes! Your classroom will be mailed 3 exciting packages delivered over a 2 month period.

As Lyka travels, she is collecting all sort of amazing things along the way. She will send your classroom 3 “discovery learning” packs over a 2 month period that include letters and missions, plus an exciting collection of things she found during her adventure. The first box is already curated, but as soon as you sign up for the Kit, we invite our users to join us as we curate what the other two boxes could include. We understand that teachers understand their students the best and want to make these boxes as valuable to your teaching methodology as possible.

possible collections of items could include fossils, sharks teeth, feathers, shells, plants, arrowheads, geodes…and so much more. Your students will love these surprise packages.

The Mission Control Manual is designed with 2 starter missions that help your students build empathy for Lyka and get them REALLY excited about inviting Lyka into their classroom as they learn together. Additional missions are located in the Online Media Hub, which gives teachers an opportunity to pick their own path of engagement.

The manual also includes general 21st-century skill-building activities that integrate Lyka into your day-to-day classroom schedule. Activities are set to easy, moderate, and challenging and teach a variety of skill-sets including collaboration, creativity and innovation, media literacy, critical thinking and problem solving, empathy, and leadership. They’ll include a time-stamp for teachers to gauge how much time is needed to engage. Certain activities will ask to use supporting Lyka’s Adventure media (like songs, videos, and printouts) which can be found on the Online Media Hub.

The manual leads with very short story prompts that can quickly be read at any time to help students make sense of an activity or subject matter. Plus we integrates additional characters from Planet Ahmee and Earth. Leading with Lyka and her story sparks empathy for students, and motivates learning.


  1. Your Teacher Kit arrives in early February
  2. Upon kick-off, a traveling Lyka will visits each classroom via post with a letter, activity and special item inside (pre-paid return postage included)
  3. Lyka will send your classroom 3 “discovery-learning” packs which include letters and missions from Lyka and things she’s found on her adventure.
  4. You can login to the Online Media Hub to access additional missions and activities, digital supporting media, print-outs and take home assignments, plus connect with other classrooms using the Kit.
  5. You’ll receive one-on-one support from our team as you begin using your Kit and will have access to live talks and Q&A’s on story-driven learning and using the Lyka’s Adventure Teacher Kit.

The Lyka’s Adventure story, activities, and characters are designed to teach the following 21st century skills:

  • leadership + responsibility
  • creativity and innovation
  • collaboration
  • media literacy
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • global awareness
  • environmental literacy
  • social & cross-cultural skills

We’ll be hosting 3 live talks that focus on story-driven learning from expert and team members Lance Weiler and Susie Kavanaugh. During these talks, we’ll be discussing the Lyka’s Adventure Teacher Kit and how to integrate. Support also includes:

  • One-on-one support on using the Kit for the first 2 weeks from the time you kick-off
  • On-going support via email, twitter, chat, or whatever works for you. We are here for you and your students.
  • Once you make your order, our team will keep in touch about the web-seminars, package delivery, answer any questions you have, send package tracking info, and much more. We are here to support you and ensure you have a great experience using the Lyka’s Adventure Teacher Kit!

The Kit can be used without any technology at all. Or if you have access to a smart-phone, a laptop, tablet, smart-board, or classroom computers you can integrate those into the activities. We’ve designed the Kit to be flexible to your needs and resources.

Once you have the Lyka’s Adventure Teacher Kit you can continue to use it with future classes. There are so many possibilities as to how you can continue using your Kit. Plus our downloadable PDF’s via the Online Media Hub makes sharing parts of the Kit easy with other teachers. We’re fine with this. We want teachers to take the Kit and make as much use of it as possible, even if that means sharing it with colleagues.

The Lyka plush is machine washable, so don’t worry about wear and tear.

The Lyka’s Adventure Teacher Kit is the foundation to future learning kits and educational toys that our company will release. Plus there’s already additional products available, like Book 2 from the Lyka’s Adventure Chapter Series.

Plus, for being an early supporter of this truly innovative learning tool, we’ll send you discounts codes for all future Kits and products that integrate into the Kit!

To enhance the Teacher Kit experience, simply order additional “discovery-learning” packs to your Teacher Kit order at checkout. Check back during the 2016 school year as we create a new Learning Kit that can be used with this Kit and upcoming new products.

We are giving 5 Kits to schools that are located in underserved communities. Please email us at hello@connectedsparks for more information. Kits can be requested by teachers to parents via sites such as: