Lyka and the Great Barrier Reef (book 2 from the Lyka’s Adventure series) was selected as on the the MUST READS for the Australian Summer Reading Club.  We are pretty jazzed about this, as libraries across Australia will be participating in this wonderful program.

And what’s even more exciting is that Lyka will be guest blogging for 6 weeks with a detailed account of her journey from outer-space to Australia and beyond. Not only will she be blogging but she’ll also be replying to readers questions and comments. This is a great opportunity to get to know Lyka, learn with her and teach her some new information.

Join Lyka weekly, starting Dec 1st:

And if you are in AUS and don’t have the Lyka’s Adventure app, DOWNLOAD IT HERE
use book codes KITTHEKITE and DIVERSITY to unlock the full experience

Finally, the Summer Reading Club did a fun little interview with Connected Sparks and Lyka. Learn more about our passion for learning here:


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