Explore the world with Lyka through mission-based activities, while teaching Lyka everything she needs to know about planet Earth!

Lyka poses a question

Students join  a mission

They gain skills  and knowledge

students teach Lyka  what they've learned

Bring Lyka’s Adventure into your classroom with the "Maker Starter Kit"!

Student and teacher approved!

Over the last three years, Lyka has traveled the globe meeting students, teachers and parents. We’ve worked with over 20 schools world-wide, integrating Lyka into the classroom. Common trend? Children joyfully excited to help Lyka, and giving her a ton of hugs along the way.

Our Team

  • Dylan

    Dylan has truly earned his title as our Chief Fun Officer. Dylan has been on this journey since the beginning and continues to give the team amazing feedback and suggestions to make Lyka’s Adventure even more awesome.

  • Janine

    Janine Saunders is the COO and Co-founder of Connected Sparks.  She’s been working on Lyka’s Adventure for almost 4 years, enjoying every moment!

  • Lance

    Lance is the CEO and Co-founder of Connected Sparks. He also is the Director of Experiential Learning and Applied Creativity at Columbia University. His son was and continues to be a big inspiration to Lyka’s Adventure.

  • Susie

    Susie is the Educational Director of Connected Sparks. After 10+ years as an educator, she’s now ready to move beyond the classroom with the goal of transforming every child’s learning environment.

  • Teymour

    Teymour is the Community Manager and Business Director at Connected Sparks. Teymour also helps produce the Lyka’s Adventure Labs.

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