What is Lyka’s Adventure?

Lyka’s Adventure is a play and learn platform for children ages 4-9. Lyka is a huggable robot from another planet, and she has traveled to Planet Earth to find the answers she needs to save her home planet from destruction. Hop into the adventure by reading the Lyka’s Adventure books, downloading the iOS mobile app, or finding Lyka activities online.

How does it work?

Enjoy any of the Lyka’s Adventure products – iOS app, books, toys, labs – on it’s own or immerse yourself in the full experience by inserting your phone into Lyka’s heart pocket, reading along with the Lyka’s Adventure book series and activating the FREE Lyka’s Adventure app. *Books and app currently available only in Australia and New Zealand. North America coming soon.

What do I need to get started?

Kids love hugging and engaging with the Lyka plush doll. She’s special, cuddly and magical. Start with the Lyka doll and then we recommend reading the books, where you’ll go on a global adventure and find hidden codes that unlock photos, music, videos, and activities in the Lyka’s Adventure app.

Who created Lyka’s Adventure?

Lyka’s Adventure is the first interactive play and learn platform from Connected Sparks. Founded by Lance Weiler, Janine Saunders, and Atley Loughridge, Connected Sparks is a tech-forward, data-rich storytelling company building new learning and play platforms for 21st century kids, educators and parents. Lance and Janine are both parents of highly spirited boys.

Is Lyka's Adventure educational?

YES! The platform is designed to create a discovery-based play experience for your child. Our mission is to teach, explore, and communicate 21st century skills to children, with a focus on communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.  These traits run across our story, media within the app, and activities within the book, app, and online. Our Lyka’s Adventure Labs combine STEAM activities and empower children to collaborate and help Lyka on her mission across Planet Earth.

When will the other books from the Lyka’s Adventure series be released?

LYKA’S ADVENTURE is a chapter book series for young readers. Books 1: LYKA AND THE SECRET FOREST and BOOK 2: LYKA AND THE GREAT BARRIER REEF are currently available in Australia and New Zealand from Penguin Books Australia. Sign up to our newsletter to receive more information about book release dates in your area!

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